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So I know that as soon as I write this post, that Ethan will probably take a step or two backwards, but its worth it to me.  You see, we have been struggling with this whole potty process.  First off, I will say that Ethan is very eager to go potty, which is great, but at the same time, Nathan will scream if I make him sit on the potty.

I have finally decided that the only way that they will ever get potty trained is to let them go at their own pace, and just because they are twins doesn’t mean that they have to do things at the same time.  They never have, so why would they start now? Ethan crawled 3 months before Nathan, and just as Nathan started to crawl, Ethan was walking. That’s just how my twins are.  Ethan is older and has always hit the developmental milestones months ahead of Nathan.

Yesterday, I had to take Ethan to the doctor because he is feeling a little under the weather, so off we went.  Nathan stayed home with my in-laws.  Despite Ethan not feeling all that well, I had a great day alone with him, and I need to start making it a point to get a day out of the house with them alone, its great one on one time!  Anyway, after we went to the doctor’s office, we went to lunch, and of course he had to Pee.  He seems to like going to the bathroom in different places.  And I will add that 6 out of 10 times he will actually go pee. So after lunch we had to go to walmart, because lets face it, as a family of 6, we can’t go out-of-town without hitting up walmart to restock everything.  When we first got to walmart, he had to pee.  We went, he went pee and we went back to shopping.  Not even 15 minutes later, he had to pee again.  I thought he was foolish, so as the good mom that I am, I said can you hold it for a minute? We were on the opposite side of the store from the bathroom, and I only needed a few things.  So as we were heading back towards the bathroom, he said “Mama I need pee now pease” so off we went, to the bathroom.  And much to my surprise, he actually did have to pee!  This whole time we were out-of-town for the day, he stayed DRY!  It was a miracle.

When we got home he asked to pee again, and again, he was dry and sat and went pee!  I know it sounds silly to be so excited about him finally getting the hang of it, but I couldn’t be happier.  He continued to stay dry until bedtime, and the first thing he asked to do this morning when he got up was to pee.  Now so far today, he has had 1 wet diaper, and that was because Daddy was in the bathroom and he couldn’t hold it any longer, and I felt horrible, but he won’t sit on the little potty seat, he will only sit on the toilet like a big kid.  He makes me so proud and I know that it could just be a one day thing, or a couple of day thing, but I really think that he is finally getting the hang of it.  Now if I could only get him to poop in the potty, I would be all set!



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My kids Grandparents   Leave a comment

My kids Grandparents are wonderful, loving people.  I wish that we got to see more of them but that seems almost impossible.

I’ll start out with my parents.  My parents divorced when I was 13 or 14, and my Dad moved to Connecticut.  Both of my parents have since remarried and are both happy.  My Mom and step dad live in southern Maine, and my Dad still lives in Connecticut.  My Mom and step Dad visit at least once a month, and normally a day doesn’t go by that I don’t call and put them on speaker phone so that they can talk to their “MeMe and Papa Bob.”  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I know how badly my Mom misses them when she isn’t here and if she could do anything about it, she would.  They are actually thinking of relocating someplace a little closer to us, so that they can see the boys more.

My husbands parents live about 10 minutes away.  We drive by their house a couple of times a week, when we go to Machias to get my step kids.  The boys will cry when we go by, that they want to go to “Gee and Grammies’ house” and I always feel horrible that I don’t just pull into the drive way so they can visit.  And for that, it is my fault.  the problem that my husband and I have is that they hardly ever come to our house to visit with the boys.  You see our house is “baby proofed” so that we know they can’t get into things that they shouldn’t.  My in-laws are always down near us, they just don’t stop in a lot, and I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind this.  I do however feel as though the boys are loosing out on a relationship with their grandparents.  Both my husband and I both have these feelings, and when he talks to his parents about it, they stop by a little bit more often, for maybe a week.

My Sister in law and her husband and 3 girls live just about 5 minutes away.  They don’t see the boys much either, they are always busy running to a basketball game or just something with the girls.  Their oldest daughter babysits a lot for us, and for that we are very grateful.  They love when she comes over, they practically tell us to leave.  My in-laws are constantly over to their house, visiting, or running to the ball games with them.  I guess what really gets me, is that to go to my sister in laws house, they have to drive right by the road to get to our house.  They could always come “down town” a little earlier and stop by, but they don’t.  I don’t understand how they can be so close to some of their grandchildren and yet so far away.

When we had the boys, and they came so early, we ended up in Portland Maine, and Maine Medical Center.  If it weren’t for the NICU at MMC, my boys wouldn’t be here today.  There is no other way to say it, I am very thankful for MMC, because the boys being in Portland, ment that I got to be with my Mom the whole time they were in the hospital.  My Mom never missed a day, visiting with the boys in the hospital.  It was great to be so close to her, and it made me feel better about going home for a couple of days at a time because she would always make sure she went in a spent some time with them.  I remember how badly she cried when we took the boys home.  She knew it would be the beginning of the monthly trips to my house so she could see them, and she has never missed a visit.  I guess where I am going with this is that while the boys were in the hospital, my in-laws came down every sunday to see the boys.  They never missed a sunday, and there were even a couple of times that they were able to come down during the week to make and extra visit with them.  It was always great to see them when they came down for their visit, and I know how hard it was for them, they would get up and on the road by 4 am to get down to Portland, just to visit for a couple of hours and they were back on the road by 3 so that they could get home in time to relax a little bit before they started their work week the next day.  I just wish that they could give the boys that time now.  Just set a chunk of time aside and come visit them.  They hardly know their grandparents and it makes me very sad for them.

Growing up, I knew all 4 of my grandparents very well.  Of course, we were living in the same town as them and it was easy to go visit.  I remember spending many over nights at my grandparents houses, with my sister and my cousins.  Those are the memories that I cherish growing up and all I wish for is that my sons could have the same type of memories with their grandparents.  My mother has had the boys for all of the over nights that I have been away. She is the only one who has ever had them for long periods of time and if she had it her way, she would have them all the time!

I guess I just want to know how people can be so close to others in distance, and yet seem so far away at the same time.

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Brotherly Love   Leave a comment

It seems as though as the boys are getting older, they are starting to show more affection towards one another.  They have always been very loving with my husband and I, and anyone else that wants some love for that matter.  But lately, they have been hugging and kissing each other like crazy! And I have to say that I love it!

We took their naps away about 2 weeks ago, I know what your thinking, they are only 2 1/2 and they need their naps.  Well turns out that they don’t really need them.  They were only napping for about 35 minutes a day, and they were fighting us for an hour or more at bedtime.  It just wasn’t worth it for me.  We thought we would try it, as any other day that they had missed a nap they had fallen asleep around 4, which would really mess up the night.  Well this time when we tried it they did great, and neither one of them fell asleep before bedtime.  And let me tell you that bedtime went great!  They go to bed at 6:45 and 5 out of 7 nights they are asleep by 6:55!  It is a blessing, it truly is.  A lot of people have told me that I should let them nap and just put them to bed later, but I think that is late enough.  I enjoy my time at night to get projects done, and I am really enjoying the extra down time to get some scrapbooking projects finished up!

Anyway, now with that sad, I’ll get back to the love.  So now at night, after we get into jammies and are ready for bed we sit on the couch or in the recliner and watch either Handy Manny, or mickey mouse or one of their shows of the dvr.  Depending on the night they will either sit with just Me, or they will each sit with one of us.  Last night, my husband had to take his older kids home, as he does every Tuesday and thursday night, so they were snuggled up with me in the recliner.  Ethan says to me “I give you hug and kiss Mama”  I said ok, and he did, he gave me probably 5 hugs and kisses!  Then he said “I give Nay Nay a hug Mama” (Nay Nay is what he has called Nathan since they were about 9 months old, and its stuck, just about everyone calls him that now.  He even refers to himself as Nay Nay) so they hugged back and forth for about 5 minutes.  Then Nathan says to me “Mama, I wuv Nay Nay 2 I kiss him” (Nathan, when he is tired will call Ethan Nay Nay 2, its cute, but up until about a month ago that is how he refered to Ethan all the time was Nay Nay 2.  We finally got him to call him “Etin” which is as close to Ethan as we are going to get for now I guess) So they were hugging and kissing back and forth for about 15 minutes and every once in a while, since they were sitting with me, they would look at me and say “I wove you mama” and I would get kisses and hugs as well.

I really love this down time with them at night! They are just as sweet as can be!

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feverish boy!   Leave a comment

So, Nathan has had a temp today of 102. I didn’t think much of it, he had a little bit of a cold last night and seemed to this morning as well. When we came down stairs this morning, he was fine. Just a little cold, no fever and no other symptoms that he wouldn’t be feeling good. Shortly after breakfast, I noticed that he felt a little warm, so I went and got the thermometer, and his temp was 101.4. We had a few errands to run, and when we got home it was lunch time. He wouldn’t eat lunch, and now that we aren’t putting the boys down for naps anymore, he would just lay on the couch all afternoon. I kept checking his temp and he was going back and forth between 100 and 102. Our pediatrician doesn’t like to medicate them for fevers unless they seem to be bothering the boys, which is fine by me, as he wasn’t acting sick, he was just warm.

Right before Jason got home from work, he was 102.4 I was getting ready to give him some Motrin, and he didn’t want it. He cried and ran away saying “no mama” so I didn’t force him. I new if he really needed it, then I would have Jason give it to him when he got home. Not even 15 minutes after he walked threw the door, Nathan’s temp was back down to 99.1, which is his normal temp.

I can’t figure out why he is doing this. It’s the second Monday in a row that he has had a temp, and both Monday’s Jason had been home both Saturday and Sunday from work. It’s almost like he misses him so much that he makes himself sick over it. kinda drives me nuts, but after all he is a daddy’s boy!

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