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In 24 days, my babies will be 3! It’s so hard to believe that the boys will be turning 3 so soon.  It honestly seems like we just got them home from the hospital and now they are almost 3!  We are planning a pretty big birthday party for them again this year.  Seems like we have every year, and now I wonder if we’ll ever have just a small birthday party for them.  Their first birthday was a HUGE party, because it was more of a party for my husband and I.  We had kept the boys to ourselves for the most part, since they had been born so early and we didn’t want to risk them getting sick during that first year.  It was so much fun to kind of show them off, and everyone enjoyed seeing them.  We didn’t have a theme for their birthday, well I guess it was just a “first birthday” theme party.

Last year for their 2nd birthday, we did it big again! This year they had Elmo & Cookie monster cakes and that was pretty much the theme for their party.  That day was also our first march of Dimes walk with the boys.  We walked with them that morning and then had their birthday party that afternoon, and boy was it a busy day! We were also chosen as the ambassador family for the March of Dimes walk in our area last year, and it was very fun! We reached our team goal, and it encouraged me to walk every year from now on with the boys.  If it weren’t for the March of Dimes, I may not be planning a 3rd birthday party for May 1st every year!

So that leads me to their upcoming 3rd birthday.  We are going all out again this year, I know your surprised! This year, we are doing their party a little late, as we are going to be out-of-town for their actual birthday.  We are heading back to Portland, to walk in the March of Dimes walk along with some of the NICU staff that helped the boys and I out so much.  We aren’t walking with their team, but we are walking as “the Faulkingham Twins” again.  I think we will probably walk with that name every year, because it’s who we are!  The walk is on the boy’s birthday again, so it will be a good way of giving back.  After our walk, we are taking the boys to the hospital were they were born, to visit with the NICU staff.  Every time we go to Portland, we stop at the hospital to see them.

Back to their party….The theme this year is going to be Buzz Lightyear.  The boys LOVE anything to do with Toy Story, so its only fitting that they have a birthday party with that theme.  We have rented a Moon Bounce for their party, which I think they will absolutely love, and I know that the older kids and their friends will definitely enjoy the Moon Bounce.  I have also hired our photographer to take their 3 year pics before the party, and she is going to stay and take pics during the party, so I don’t have to run around with my camera, I can actually just enjoy the day with the boys and our friends and family for a change.  Their birthday parties always seem so rushed to me, and I think it’s because I am always busy trying to take the pictures and get things going.

I will post pics from the March of Dimes walk and their birthday party as the come.  I am so looking forward to what the next year holds for us, even tho I know that after their 4th birthday next year, we’ll be getting them ready to start pre-K in the fall!

If you would like to sponsor us for our March for Babies walk, you can go click on this link, any support that you would like to give us is greatly appreciated!  http://www.marchforbabies.org/personal_page.asp?pp=3209012&ct=4&w=4516058&u=twintornados



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