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So it was a fun and busy summer, and apparently I was to busy to even blog…I have got to get better about this!! Hopefully now that it’s fall and we are home more often, I will get a chance to blog once a week or so!

So let’s see.  Since I blogged last, Ethan has gotten himself potty trained!! He is still in pull-ups at night, but I’ll take it!! I decided back in June, to just go cold turkey and put him in underwear, I figured at the most I would be doing a ton of extra laundry, but much to my surprise, he didn’t have any accidents. Now getting him to poop on the potty was a little harder but he has mastered that as well, and he is even standing up to pee on the potty now, no thanks to a box of cheerios for targets!!

Nathan on the other hand, has finally started to show an interest in going on the potty, but he is still in no hurry.  Just another example of how different they are! But he is getting there and I know it won’t be long. I just can’t push him, no matter how much I want to.  He will get there when he is ready, which shouldn’t be much longer!

We spent a ton of weekends at the beach this summer, it was wonderful! The beach we go to, you can only get to my boat, and its a private island, so there really aren’t a lot of people that go there! Its our favorite place in the summer.  Sure it take a lot of work to get everyone ready to go, and get everything packed, especially if its a weekend that we have the older kids, but its always a good time and always well worth it.  I’m not sure what the boys favorite part would be, either just going on the boat, which lets face it, they LOVE or actually getting to the beach to play. But either way, they sleep really good after a nice long day at the beach and a couple rides on the lobster boat!

We have still been going to play group 2 times a month at a local church, the boys love it and they are playing with kids that they will be in school with.  In a couple weeks we will go and have their first ever Halloween party! I’m pretty excited about it. and I’m going to try and make Cake Pops for them! I love to bake and do fun things like that, so it should be fun!

We moved out of our old house over Labor day weekend and actually moved to Jonesport! The house we were living in on Beals Island, was nice, but we had to move out over summer for the Month of July. And with the boys getting older, it was harder this year to pack all our stuff up and move to my in laws for a month.  So this summer while we were at my in laws my husband and I decided that we would look for a new rental, that we could stay in year round and we were lucky that we found one so quickly! It only has 3 bedrooms, but over all we have more space.  My step son is sharing a room with the twins, and it works out pretty good, especially since the twins are really only in their room to sleep. they don’t spend much time upstairs.  Our new house even has a “sun room” which has my washer dryer hook up in it, and we have really turned the room into a play room, minus the washer/dryer.  The boys love it and I love not having all of their toys in our living room. Its been a good change for all of us, and it feels more like home then the other place did.

Now with the move, I have uprooted the boys from going to school with all the little kids we have gotten to know over the past few months. Now they will be going to Jonesport Elementary School, which a whole different group of kids. This makes me sad but they will still be friends with the kids from Beals! after all its just the next town over!

So i think that just about sums it up.  Nothing else new going on, and hopefully things will just keep going the way they have. The boys may be starting nursery school the first of November, which would be great for them, just 1 or maybe 2 mornings a week, but that’s enough for them, and I am sure I will find something to do with my spare time! I think next year when they go to school, I am going to take a CNA course so I can start working when they are in school full time!

Oh and I guess I should mention, I am signing on to become a pampered chef consultant! I have wanted to for a few years now and I feel like now is the time to do it! Wish me luck!


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