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So lets back up a little to the middle of December. I went to the OBGYN for my yearly appointment.   Everything was going great. I the office I go to, the ladies there are great and they have been thru so much with me, that I wouldn’t dream of going any other place!

At the beginning of my exam, they always do a breast exam.  Now, this isn’t something that is new to me. My grandmother on my mom’s side of my family had breast cancer.  So I have always been good about doing my self breast exams. I had actually just done a self exam about 2 weeks before my appointment. Well she got to my left breast, and she found a lump…I was scared to death. I’m only 31 and the thoughts that went thru my head weren’t the best of thoughts.  The doctor asked me if I had felt this lump on my last self check and I hadn’t, so that means that within 2 weeks it had grown and it was about the size of an egg. I was scared to death! Before I left that office, I was scheduled for a mamo and an ultra sound for later that day, and then 1 week after that I was scheduled with a surgeon who specializes in breast cancer. I also scheduled surgery for myself to have the Essure done, which is like getting your tubes tied, but there is no cutting! Oh and its 100 % accurate in making a person no longer able to have babies! But that will come later!

I went to the mamo and let’s be honest, I was scared to death. I had never heard good things about mamos. I had head that they hurt and were uncomfortable.  Well, I didn’t think that it hurt, actually wasn’t bothered by it at all! And that kind of shocked me.  Maybe i was just in a trance because I was worried I had cancer!  After the mamo i went to the ultra sound department and had the ultra sound done.  When the tech was done, she went and spoke to the radiologists to make sure he had all the info that he would need for the other doctor and he also wanted to speak to me.  He used some pretty big words, words that i wouldn’t remember even 15 minutes later and sent me on my way.  What he did say that I remember was that the chance of it being cancer was about 10%, but I was young and in great health.  He also said that when I saw the other doctor next week, she would most likely want to do a needle biopsy of the lump so that they could rule out cancer.

Can I tell you how long the next week felt like? I didn’t think that the day would ever come to see the doctor.  I was scared to death.  It was a hard emotional week for my family and I.  We didn’t say anything to the kids, but at the drop of a hat I would just start crying.  We didn’t even tell our friends. We just told our immediate family, and by we I mean I told my mom and my husband told everyone else, I was  a wreck, if i started to talk about it, I would just cry! I tried to pass the time by at night while the boys were sleeping by wrapping christmas presents but I think I cried even more than, because every time i wrapped a present or wrote out a label my thought was ‘what if this is my last christmas with my babies’ or ‘what if i don’t get to see them go to school in the fall’ I had so many thoughts running thru my mind that I hardly slept.

So somehow I made it thru the week, the day of the appointment came and the doctor went over family history and we looked at the films from the mamo and then the ultra sound and before the needle biopsy, she said that she would be very surprised if it was cancer.  In all of her years of doing this, she has never seen a lump on a mamo film look like that.  This made me feel a LOT better! and I think it made my husband breathe a little easier too.  This was the Wednesday before Christmas. She did the needle biopsy at 9:30 that morning and told me that she would put a rush on it, and would either get the results back late friday afternoon or first this Tuesday.  I thanked her wished her a happy holiday and went on my way.  Much to my surprise my phone rang that next day around 4:30 or so.  It was the doctor and she said she had my test result back and i asked her if it was good news or bad news and she said it was a little of both and that scared the crap out of me! She said what do you want first, good or bad, and I said well how about the bad. She said I would like to remove the lump in your breast. I said ok, well if that’s the bad news then whats the good news.  She told me that the results came back that the lump was NOT CANCER! I have never been so happy to hear those words.  She said she still wanted to remove the lump because of the size of it, and that it would probably become rather uncomfortable, and she was right, it is rather annoying. So we scheduled that surgery for the end of February, because she is out of the country on vacation from Jan. 1 thru Feb. 15 So I will be her first surgery back once she gets back.

So that’s one thing.  I actually had another surgery yesterday.  I had the Essure done, for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, its like getting your tubes tied but there is no actual cutting involved.  They do it right thru your vagina and it can be done right in your doctor’s office.  But you see, I’m a big chicken when it comes to moving my uterus so I chose to be asleep for it.  I had an IUD placed in Dec. of 2008, and that was still good for 2 more years, but I know beyond a shadow of doubt that we are done having children.  I mean with the twins we went thru so much, I would be worried about going thru all of that again, and besides I got the two sons I always wanted! What more could I want. Oh and I have 2 wonderful (most of the time) step children, so really we have 4 kids, I think we are good with that.

The Essure is like little copper springs that they place in the openings of your fallopian tubes and you body actually grows over them, closing off your tubes completely.  With a regular tubal, you can have it reversed if you want I guess.  I didn’t want that option, my child baring days are officially over 🙂 I never thought that at 31 I would be happy about that.  But I guess 5 years from now if we decide that we want to have another baby we can always adopt.  My in-laws were once told they couldn’t have children so they adopted my oldest sister-in-law and a few years later along came my husband and then a few years later his younger sister.   So adoption is always an option!

I think that one of the funniest things about my surgery yesterday was when I got to the hospital the paperwork I was given in registration said  that the reason for my surgery was “undesired fertility” just kinda made me chuckle a little bit, even though it probably shouldn’t have!!


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