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So I know its been forever, and I really am going to try to be better at blogging this year! My goal is going to be to try to post at least once a week, possibly more! Thanksgiving was great, got to see lots of my husband’s family and also got to see some of my family.  The boys and I packed up and headed to Portland for my mom’s house for thanksgiving and then of course I got to enjoy some black Friday shopping!! This year we are going to do it a little different! The boys and I will stay home for Thanksgiving and then around 3 or so I am going to head to Bangor to meet my mom and a couple of our girlfriends for the night. We will crash for a few hours at a hotel, and then get up and go shopping at midnight! I can’t wait!! then we’ll shop for a while and go back to the hotel and crash until checkout time and then go shopping a little longer before we all make our way back home!! I don’t want to wish away the rest of the year, but I am really looking forward to going shopping on black Friday!

Christmas was GREAT! The boys are finally at an age were they could ask Santa for something instead of just saying toys…They both wanted to same thing so that made life a little easier for us! They wanted guitars and a big buzz light year toy, you know the one that talks and has wings that go up and down, oh and lets not forget about the lazar! what would buzz be without it?!  But other than that, lets just say that they got spoiled! Not just by us, but also by everyone else! I’m glad their birthday isn’t until May, that will give me some time to weed thru the toys they don’t play with any more and make room for new ones!

The boys started speech in December as well. That is going great! They both have a long way to go, but I’m glad we have started. I have already seen little improvements, not many but enough to see we are headed down the right path! They love to go, and I actually just drop them off for speech, which is great because it gives me some one on one time with the other one. Ethan goes for an hour, because he has a longer attention span and Nathan goes for about 30 minutes. I believe that we will try to work him up for 45 minutes soon, I think he is ready but our trouble with Nathan is that he gets so easily distracted!

Oh and for the first time ever, I have actually stuck to one of my new years resolutions! We have been struggling to get Nathan potty trained since Ethan was trained in May. Well we would  try and try and much to our disappointment, he just didn’t get it. He would cry and cry and we would just give up.  So I decided that on Jan. 2, it was time. I put him on the potty and much to my surprise he was ready! He still isn’t going number 2 on the potty yet, but he is getting there.  Well I can’t say he isn’t yet, cause has a few times, but lets just say he has a way to go still.  But I’ll take it. He asks for a pull up when he has to go, and before I give him the pull up I make him sit for a few minutes and if he just can’t do it, then he gets a pull up.  No biggie, we are still saving a ton of money for only needing pull ups for night-time for him and maybe 1 a day!

that about sums it up for now! I have had a few medical things going on, but that is a post for another time!! I don’t need to fill up any more space on this post!!


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