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So its been a few weeks since I updated, sorry about that.  I guess life has gotten a little busy…

The boys are still doing great with their speech therapy.  Ethan has been going for an hour all along, and Nathan had been going for 30 minutes.  Well, they had last week off because of school vacation, but starting this week, Nathan will be increasing his time to 45 minutes!! I know that doesn’t sound like much time, but for Nathan its amazing!

I had my lumpectomy performed on my left breast last Thursday.  The surgery was pretty simple, and they sent the lump away for testing and we got the results back the next day.  It is just fatty tissue. Nothing to worry about, and it had gotten smaller.  When I had my Mamo and ultra sound done last December, it was about the size of an egg.  When they removed it, it had shrunk a little to be about the size of a golf ball.

High school basketball is in its final week here.  Our local high school boys team has won their Eastern Maine Class D championship, so now they are off to the State Championship game this coming Saturday.  They have a great team and these boys have been playing basketball together since grade school. It would mean a lot to them as well as the town and everyone involved if they could win!! Let’s hope they pull if off this weekend.

I think that’s about it.  nothing new going on really other than Nathans speech time increase.  I’ll try to update again the first of the week!


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Out of the mouths of Babes…   Leave a comment

These boys never stop amazing me with what they have to say!! I love listening to them play in the other room and just taking it all in!! For the most part, they get along great and chatter back and forth all day long!! I have even overheard them talking in their sleep once or twice.

With that being said here are a few gems that I have caught lately.

We picked up some foam valentine’s day stickers the other day at walmart and when we got home this is what Ethan had to say “Mama doing a caft would make my eye feel better” so we did a quick craft and afterwords he came running to me with “Mama see wook at my eye its all better!” He was so excited!

The boys go to speech on Friday mornings, and the past 2 Fridays have been snow days. And since they go to speech at the elementary school in town there was no speech.  this is what I overheard to boys talking about.

Ethan “wook Nay Nay its nowing out”
Nathan “dat means we no go to chool”
Ethan “but I want to go to my chool today”
Nathan “me too Etan. We no go to chool today cause the tupid now torm” (can you tell we are working on our ‘s’ blend?!)

Ethan “that right bubba, it nowing out and dat mean no chool”
Nathan “damn now torm, can’t go to chool tupid now, me no like now it means no chool”
Ethan “maybe mama will let us do crafts instead of yearning”

We have been going to a lot of our niece’s high school basket ball games.  The boys love to go to her games.  The school mascot is a Lion, who the boys love! We were driving to the high school the other day and this is what I heard from the back seat:

Ethan “look bubba we at the high school” (that’s right he actually used his ‘s’ blend to say high school)
Nathan “oh we going to KK’s (that’s what they call their cousin) game today”
Ethan “that right bubba we been good boys today excepts when we wrote on the wall”
Nathan “I no write on wall u do it”
Ethan “but Mama said we still go to the high school”

so I was excited because we have been working on their ‘s’ blend for a long time, and I said good job Ethan says high school, and he said it right about 10 times! So then I said Ethan can you tell me where you go to speech “i go to my chool mama” I said no you go to “school” and he will NOT say school right, unless he is talking about high school!! Kinda drives me crazy!!

A few weeks ago we were driving home from Ellsworth and we drove by a horse farm.  There are about 5 horses that were outside and one of them was a white horse.  Nathan was asleep and missed the horses, but that didn’t stop his counter part from declaring “look there Daddy that dod damn dirty white horse goes nay hey hey” We both just about lost it, we couldn’t stop from laughing!!

I love listening to the boys, and I know that they will eventually start saying words the right way, but for now I am enjoying the small talk they make with each other, and I am just happy I understand 95% of what they say!

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No wonder people ask if they are twins!   Leave a comment

From the first day we were home with the twins, I have been answering the same question.  “Are they twins” and my answer always surprises them, because yes, they are!

We went to the pediatrician yesterday because Ethan has a sty in his eye lid.  The nurse the checked us in and weighed the boys even asked me if they were twins…You see whenever we go to the doctor, if it’s just for one of them, I always get them both weighed and their height checked.  I think I am always just curious to see how big they have gotten since the last time we were there.  Yesterday i was surprised by the difference on the scale and the wall for that matter!

Ethan is a tiny 34 pounds and 3 ft 3 inches.  He is a little small for their age I believe, but that’s how he has always been, is on the small size.  I think it’s just how he is going to grow for now.  He is healthy and that’s all that matters to us, and besides, the doctor doesn’t seem to be worried about it!  Nathan on the other hand, there isn’t anything tiny about that boy!! He is 51.7 pounds and a tall 3 ft 7 inches!! I couldn’t believe the difference in them yesterday, I mean I have known for a while that there was a difference, I just didn’t expect it to be 17 pounds!!

And here is the kicker for people who don’t know my boys…..they always assume that Nathan is the older brother, that he must be a couple of years older, because lets face it, he is about the size of a 6-year-old.  But he isn’t! He is my baby!  Not that it really matters, but he is technically the “little brother”  and people never believe me!!  I have been lectured by old ladies in the middle of stores about how us “young people” now a day have our babies so close together, and they never believe me when I say I’m sorry but they are twins, I couldn’t help but have them close together!!

So I guess after our trip to the doctors yesterday, and seeing the difference in their sizes on the charts, that I can kinda understand why people ask if they are twins!

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