No wonder people ask if they are twins!   Leave a comment

From the first day we were home with the twins, I have been answering the same question.  “Are they twins” and my answer always surprises them, because yes, they are!

We went to the pediatrician yesterday because Ethan has a sty in his eye lid.  The nurse the checked us in and weighed the boys even asked me if they were twins…You see whenever we go to the doctor, if it’s just for one of them, I always get them both weighed and their height checked.  I think I am always just curious to see how big they have gotten since the last time we were there.  Yesterday i was surprised by the difference on the scale and the wall for that matter!

Ethan is a tiny 34 pounds and 3 ft 3 inches.  He is a little small for their age I believe, but that’s how he has always been, is on the small size.  I think it’s just how he is going to grow for now.  He is healthy and that’s all that matters to us, and besides, the doctor doesn’t seem to be worried about it!  Nathan on the other hand, there isn’t anything tiny about that boy!! He is 51.7 pounds and a tall 3 ft 7 inches!! I couldn’t believe the difference in them yesterday, I mean I have known for a while that there was a difference, I just didn’t expect it to be 17 pounds!!

And here is the kicker for people who don’t know my boys…..they always assume that Nathan is the older brother, that he must be a couple of years older, because lets face it, he is about the size of a 6-year-old.  But he isn’t! He is my baby!  Not that it really matters, but he is technically the “little brother”  and people never believe me!!  I have been lectured by old ladies in the middle of stores about how us “young people” now a day have our babies so close together, and they never believe me when I say I’m sorry but they are twins, I couldn’t help but have them close together!!

So I guess after our trip to the doctors yesterday, and seeing the difference in their sizes on the charts, that I can kinda understand why people ask if they are twins!


Posted February 1, 2012 by mytwotornados in Ethan, Nathan

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