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So I know one of my last posts was about what the boys say, but they seem to be coming up with new things every day and this is one of my ways of keeping track of what is being said and done. So hopefully I’m not boring anyone, but if I am, I’m sorry!

The other day we were getting ready to have lunch and I gave Ethan his plate.  He said “thank you Mama” I said “your welcome” he looked at me in disbelieve and started crying and said “but I told you thank you!” this went on for a few minutes, I think he thought I was upset with him for saying the wrong thing. Or not saying the right thing I guess.

Another thing Ethan is saying when he gets in trouble is “you not nice Mama, you make me cry” which just about breaks my heart but I think he is beginning to understand that he can’t do some of the things he is doing.  Once he calms down he says “i sorry you made me cry Mama, be nice next time.”

The boys favorite thing to do lately is to play pretend.  Which i absolutely adore.  I love listening to the boys play and act out things from their favorite TV shows.  On the list of things that they are playing are: Octonautes, the three little pigs, Crocadator hunting (this is from the show Swamp People which is one of my husbands favorites) and pirates.  It amazes me the great detail that they go into for all of their “acting.”  They are growing up way to fast!

Nathan has been making me laugh non-stop! When he was potty training, I guess I got in the habit of telling him that he was a big boy and doing a great job when he went potty.  Well aparently every time my husband goes to the bathroom, if Nathan is with him, he gives my husband a pat of the butt and says “good job Daddy, what a big boy you being, Mama will be so proud!”  I didn’t realize the was doing this until my husband told me the other day.

We don’t go out to eat all that often, mostly because the closest restaurants are about an hour away, but we get takeout usually once a week from the Pizza shop right here in Jonesport.  Last Friday after Nathan and I dropped Ethan off for speech, Nathan said “Mama lets go get a hamburger for supper” I explained to him that it wasn’t supper time, it was only 9am and that maybe we could have hamburgers for supper that night.  He seemed ok with that, and as soon as we started talking about supper he kindly reminded me that I had promised him a hamburger.

I’m not sure how it started, but for a while now, Nathan has been calling Chicken Burgers a hamburger.  And when we correct him he gets mad and cries about it.  The boy will not eat hamburgers, in fact when we give them to him he has a huge fit!

I think that’s about it for now, but I’ll be sure to post again with more things they are saying or doing soon!


Posted March 15, 2012 by mytwotornados in Ethan, Nathan

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