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So there are so many things lately that are bugging me, I figure maybe if I write them down, they wont bother me as much…I can hope that it works anyway.

  • When people don’t return your call.  I hate having to wait forever for people to call me back. Especially if its something for one of my boys.  How hard is it to pick the phone up and call.
  • When people can’t acknowledge that they have gotten your text message.  I mean is it to hard to just reply a simple k? At least that way I would know you got the messages I am sending instead of having to guess.  And I don’t want to re send the message either, that is just pointless since you don’t answer the first one.
  • When the boys whine for no reason what so ever!! Makes me think that they are tired, even if its first thing in the morning. Ethan has been sent back to bed more than once because he was whining before he got down the stairs. It’s amazing that after he get a little more rest he won’t whine so much.
  • Living in the middle of nowhere is really bugging me lately.  I mean sure its nice and I do LOVE living in a small town. But there’s nothing for my kids and I to do during the week or even the weekends.  I have to drive about 50 miles just to get to walmart!
  • The local elementary school where the boys will start pre-k in the fall has 19 kids signed up, which isn’t a big deal. However, they are splitting the group up, and I’m hoping I can convince them to put the boys in the same group. I want them together in school. Maybe if we had 2 kindergarten classes I would split them, but since they will be together every year after pre-k, why would I want to split them up their first time being away from me for school?
  • It really bugs me when people say to me “well if your almost 4-year-old weights over 50 pounds he must be getting pretty fat.” This bugs me to no end. Yes, he is a big boy, however, he’s not fat. They fail to realize that while he is a 51.5 pounds, he is also 3 feet 7 inches tall.  Not all kids that are big for their age are “fat.”
  • House work is really bugging me lately. With all this nice weather I just want to spend my time outside playing with my kids. I mean after all, housework will always be there, the kids won’t always be little.
  • I hate that I don’t have a clothes line up outside.  I love to hang my clothes outside to dry. Depending on the dryer for all our clothes is driving me nuts! Guess I’ll have to get the husband to put up a new clothes line this weekend!
  • The DVR has decided that it doesn’t always want to record the shows that we ask it to. I mean it acts like it is recording them, but all we get is a black screen. Good thing we can get most of the shows we record on demand too.

I think that’s about it. I’m sure that there are more things that bug me then that, but honestly that’s all I can come up with right now! I’ll have to post a “things I love” blog tomorrow! That one will be much longer I bet!


Posted March 20, 2012 by mytwotornados in Me

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