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So yesterday my post was about the things that bug me.  So I figured I would follow that post up with this post about the things I love.  I think this one will be a little longer! So here it goes:

  • I am loving the fact that my boys are in bed and asleep by 6:45 and they have been sleeping until 7:30/8:00 o’clock! (of course now that I have said that out loud, it will go down hill I’m sure)
  • I love that we didn’t get much snow this winter.  I think we had maybe 6 snow storms, all of which didn’t account for much snow!
  • I love that winter is over.
  • I love that is was 51 degrees this morning when we woke up!
  • I am loving this spring weather, there’s nothing better.
  • The boys and I planted marigold seeds on Saturday, and they have started growing already! I love seeing the boys get excited that their flowers are growing.
  • My Mom planted tulip bulbs for me last fall and I love that they have already started coming up! I’ve never had tulips before, always wanted them, but never had them.
  • Believe it or not, I am loving the chance to get some spring cleaning done. We have cleaned up the yard and the porch, now I am on to inside.  I am going to get rid of all the clutter and try to keep it picked up.
  • I am looking forward to going out-of-town next weekend with the husband and the boys! We are heading to my Mom’s for the weekend, I can’t wait to see family and friends we haven’t seen in a while!
  • I love that we have had the furnace turned down (almost off) and the windows open a lot lately!! Such a nice feeling!

I think that’s about it, although I am sure I am missing something! I’ll try to come up with another blog post tomorrow.  Its kinda fun to keep track of things this way and keep them written down!


Posted March 21, 2012 by mytwotornados in Me

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