I can’t believe its Friday already!   Leave a comment

I can’t believe its Friday already.  Seems like just yesterday was Monday!!

We have had a pretty great week this week.  Nothing to spectacular happened, but sometimes its nice to have a slow week at home.

We spent a lot of time outside this week playing. Its been so nice to enjoy this spring weather, which is really more like summer weather.  I mean, I’m not complaining but it was 70-80 degrees here this week!! And its only March! I’m not looking forward to the “cold spell” we are going to have this coming weekend, into next week.  I guess I shouldn’t complain tho, its not like its a real cold spell, just the regular temps for us for this time of year.

The boys had play group this past Wednesday.  I can’t believe that they only have 2.5 more months of play group before we they are to old for it.  It only runs from September thru June. So when it starts up again in the fall, the boys will be going to school instead!  Which I still can’t believe that my babies are old enough to go to school, seems like just yesterday we were being told that there was a 50% chance that we would be bringing one of them home from the hospital.  Guess we really beat the odds there.  you would never know by looking at them that they are former 26 week babies!

We are heading out of town next weekend for a quick visit with my parents. Actually having an early Easter egg hunt for the boys! Will be fun and I’m happy we are doing it, since we have the big kids for Easter so my Mom can’t come up.

So this weekend we have the older kids.  I’m hoping that we have a good weekend with them, but only time will tell.  We really don’t have anything to spectacular planned so its just going to be a lazy weekend around the house.
I have two goals for this weekend: the first is to get my clothes line hung up outside, not really a goal for myself but my husband and my second goal is to get some more spring cleaning done! I’m sick of the clutter that has accumulated since winter!! Time to clean it up!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!! I’ll be back Monday with another post!


Posted March 23, 2012 by mytwotornados in family

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