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So not much has been going on here, just regular stuff really.  I had a follow-up with my OB the other day to make sure that the Essure procedure that I had done in January worked, and as i expected it did. I couldn’t be happier to not have any more babies. I mean don’t get me wrong, I kinda miss my little ones being babies, but I wouldn’t want to start all over again. With that being said, my “babies” will be 4 in 12 days! That’s totally not fair!

We had pre-k registration last monday and the boys did great! They were so excited to go to school, even tho it only lasted about 15 minutes for each of them. And let me just say that ever since I took them into the school, they look so much more grown up to me.  I think it was just seeing them in that setting, knowing that they will be there 3 mornings a week in the fall.  I didn’t cry tho, I thought I would be a little more upset about it then I was, but maybe I have come to terms with them going to school…..Let’s see how the first day goes in the fall tho, I’m sure I’ll be a hot mess!

My husband’s birthday is coming up on Saturday.  It seems to sneak up on us every year.  Guess I better get on finding a gift for him! And making a cake!

My father got the twins bikes for Christmas.  We never put them together, for that matter I don’t think we even told them that they had bikes in the basement.  We decided to put them together yesterday, they are so excited.  We should have chosen a different day tho, we had the older kids in the afternoon and I’m pretty sure that they were both a little jealous of the twins, even tho they both have their own bikes, that were bought new for them last year! It’s hard to do things for the boys, even if it’s just a simple thing like putting their bikes together, without the step kids getting jealous.  I made sure as we get them put together that they didn’t think we went out and spent the money on the bikes, not that it would matter, but that’s how their minds work.  However, they were still jealous and I think that’s just how kids are.

Also with the boys getting older its time to get them out of their toddler beds. Nathan is 3ft 7 inches tall and doesn’t really have the room he needs to be comfortable while he is sleeping.  So with that being said, we have bunk beds coming tomorrow for the boy’s room. My step son will sleep on the top bunk, and Ethan will sleep on the bottom bunk, Nathan has already claimed my step son’s big boy bed as his own. We told the step kids last night that we were getting bunk beds for the boy’s room and I’m pretty sure again, the step daughter is jealous.  She said “what do i get for my room” and she didn’t like it when I told her she didn’t need anything! After all the new bunk beds are really for the boy’s birthday. If there was room in the boy’s room for 3 twin beds, we would have just gotten 2 new twin beds, but to save room we went with bunk beds.  I guess I can’t make everyone happy all the time.  Just gotta do my best!

And did I mention that the step-kids would possible be jealous? I mean we just got a phone call from my husbands ex-wife and she told us that the kids “don’t feel good” today so they won’t be coming  this afternoon.  Seems funny to us, that all of a sudden they don’t feel good when they were fine last night! Guess we’ll see how they are feeling for Saturday when they are supposed to come for the weekend.

I think that’s about it right now. I’m sure I’ll think of something else that I forgot and I’ll just post again soon!!


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So its been 2 weeks since I have had any contact with my sister. And a lot longer than that since I have actually spoken to my sister.  We usually text back and forth randomly.  You see the last time I texted her wasn’t even her, it was her husband who chose to interfere with what was going on.  It hurts so much to think that my one and only sister could just cut me out like that.  Granted, we were never really close, not even growing up. But I had so much hope after I had my boys that should would make more of an effort to be involved.  At the very least, try to see her only nephews when ever she got a chance.  I guess I was wrong.

As i sit here listening and watching my sons play together, I can only hope that they will never let anything get in the way of the bond they have.  They are the best of friends, and while at the same time, the worst of enemies.  I guess that is what happens when you have a twin.  They love to be together, and are constantly playing together.  In all honesty, they are lost without each other.  They aren’t really apart all that often, sure there is every Friday morning when Ethan has speech at 9 and then I go get him and drop Nathan off at 10 for his speech, but that’s it.  There are random times when one of them has to go to the doctor alone, which is usually Nathan as he still sees the cardiologist. Ethan hates those days, but not nearly as much as Nathan does.  Ethan usually hangs out with his Grandparents that one day, and I take Nathan to the doctor, 2 hours away.  Nathan usually cries for about the first twenty minutes they are apart. And he is always so excited to see Ethan when we get home!

I love their bond, it is priceless.  I can only hope as their Mother that their bond will continue to grow and get stronger.  They make me realize what I am missing out on with my own sister.  My only question is, has it gone to far.  Can I repair the relationship I had with my sister?  I know I would like to, but I know it’s not up to me.  She blocked me on Facebook 2 weeks ago, and now all of a sudden she has decided to remove the block, but I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I mean, sure I should be happy about it, but she still hasn’t sent a friend request, and since I am not the one who blocked her, I think it would be up to her to send a new request.  But I don’t know what to do any more.  I just feel bad for my Mother, who has been caught right in the middle of this whole thing! It’s not fair to her, and there is no reason for it. She did her best with us growing up, always wanting us to get along and now all of a sudden we aren’t even speaking.  I can only hope that one day we will work things out and at the least, be on speaking terms again soon.


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O.K. So i knew it was coming, after all, my boys will be 4 in less than a month. Yesterday i got their first letters from school. Telling me what I needed to bring with me when I register them next Monday, April 9th, for Pre-K!

I have mixed emotions when it comes to getting ready to send them to school.  I am happy that they are growing up, but does it have to happen so fast? I mean it seems like just yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital.  And now I am filing out the registration forms for Pre-K!  I am a little sad that I am loosing both of my babies to school at the same time.  I mean, don’t get me wrong as I said I am happy about it. But most people get to send one of their kids to school and wait a year or two or even more before they send their baby to school.  Not me, I get a double whammy so to speak, but I guess that is what happens when you have twins!

I am pretty excited to go school shopping this summer though.  I plan to take them separately, to make sure if they need to try anything on, then I don’t have to wrangle both of them in a fitting room alone! But I am sure I will end up either going alone for somethings, or with them both! And I can’t wait to take them to get them their first good pair of sneakers.  I mean that probably sounds pretty foolish, but up until they go to school, we have always gotten them their sneakers at walmart.  But now that their feet seem to be slowing down in growth a little bit, I think they deserve a nice pair of Nikes.

So I guess that’s all.  I will be sure to post again after the first of next week to fill you in on how registration goes!!

Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy Easter!

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So everyone makes mistakes in their lives, most people learn from them. I have made plenty of mistakes in my life, none of which I am proud of, but I have learned a lesson from every single one of them. However, certain people in my life that are supposed to be family have chosen recently to throw those mistakes back in my face.  Hurt doesn’t even begin to describe how I am feeling right now.

The first person to throw a certain mistake back in my face was my Aunt. She chose to do this to get back at me for me catching her lying about my health to my family.  You see, she took it upon herself to tell people in my family that the lump I had removed from my breast was cancerous and that I was refusing treatments.  This is not the case and when I confronted her about it, she chose to throw my mistakes back at me, knowing how badly it would hurt me. I know of plenty of mistakes that this Aunt has made that I could have very easily thrown back at her, but I chose to walk away and no longer have anything to do with her.  I do not consider her family any longer, and right now, I am ok with that.  I have so much going on in my own life right now, that I can’t hold the people who are hurting me close to my heart. I wish that things were not the way that they are, but to top it off, this same Aunt chose to threaten me with calling the cops on my if I ever step foot on her property again, which is fine, I never plan to, and I can live my life without any contact with her.  Just stinks that it had to come to that.

Next comes my Brother in Law.  He wasn’t even part of my family when I made the mistake he chose to throw back at me.  It drives me crazy that when he and my Sister couldn’t follow through with a promise, he took it upon himself to dig into my past and hurt me with it. My sister sees nothing wrong with what my BIL has done and she will not talk to me, return my phone calls or text messages.  I have tried to email her, and even sent her messages on good old facebook, but it doesn’t matter, I was in the wrong as far as she is concerned.  She isn’t perfect and neither is he, but you didn’t see me throwing things back in their faces.

I just don’t understand why my family would choose to throw my mistakes back in my face, when in fact they have nothing to do with them. They didn’t have anything to do with the mistakes I made. I put myself in this position and I am dealing with it every day.  I guess that is why it hurts so bad.  And I don’t think that they will ever understand how damaging it is, to have them throw things right in my face! Maybe some day things will get back to normal with them, but I am not holding my breath. I can’t, it hurts too bad!

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