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O.K. So i knew it was coming, after all, my boys will be 4 in less than a month. Yesterday i got their first letters from school. Telling me what I needed to bring with me when I register them next Monday, April 9th, for Pre-K!

I have mixed emotions when it comes to getting ready to send them to school.  I am happy that they are growing up, but does it have to happen so fast? I mean it seems like just yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital.  And now I am filing out the registration forms for Pre-K!  I am a little sad that I am loosing both of my babies to school at the same time.  I mean, don’t get me wrong as I said I am happy about it. But most people get to send one of their kids to school and wait a year or two or even more before they send their baby to school.  Not me, I get a double whammy so to speak, but I guess that is what happens when you have twins!

I am pretty excited to go school shopping this summer though.  I plan to take them separately, to make sure if they need to try anything on, then I don’t have to wrangle both of them in a fitting room alone! But I am sure I will end up either going alone for somethings, or with them both! And I can’t wait to take them to get them their first good pair of sneakers.  I mean that probably sounds pretty foolish, but up until they go to school, we have always gotten them their sneakers at walmart.  But now that their feet seem to be slowing down in growth a little bit, I think they deserve a nice pair of Nikes.

So I guess that’s all.  I will be sure to post again after the first of next week to fill you in on how registration goes!!

Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy Easter!


Posted April 4, 2012 by mytwotornados in Ethan, Nathan

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