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So a few things have happened since I posted last.

My step son’s little league season has officially started! He’s doing a great job. This is his third year playing and he just gets better every season.  This is his favorite sport, so there really is no surprise for us that he is doing so well.  His first game of the season was a loss, but they bounced right back the next day and won 16-7! He was so excited.  He played first base for the first half of the game, then got switched out to pitch the second half.  He also had a GREAT hit, which brought in a couple runs for the team. I think he scored 5 times that game!! And to top off the best game of the season so far, he got player of the game! He got to bring the game ball home! Its his first game ball, needless to say, we are very proud of how far he has come!

Also at his first game this season, he had a couple of girls from his class there to cheer him on.  I guess that’s a sign that your step-son is growing up when girls start coming around.  After the game, we asked him who the girls were and he “couldn’t remember, but they were just some girls from his class.” Well the very next day while he was on the field warming up, my husband’s phone rang, and low and behold, it was those same girls calling to tell T that they couldn’t make it to the game, but they would see him the next day at school.  It doesn’t seem possible that he already has girls calling for him, I mean he’s only 11 1/2! I still see him as this little boy who thought girls were gross! Let me just say tho, that my husband thought that was pretty cool that “the girls” had called him, I guess that was a proud Dad moment for him.

So Ethan & Nathan turned 4 years old last Tuesday on the 1st of May. First off, I can not believe that my babies are 4. It just doesn’t seem like it has been that long since I had them.  I really feel like we just brought them home from the NICU last year.  I guess that the time sure is going by so fast. We had cake and ice cream with the older kids on the Monday before, since we didn’t have them on their actual birthday.  And of course we had more cake on their birthday, we just wanted to celebrate with the older kids too.  We have a birthday party planned for them for later this month, they are pretty excited about it.  This is the first year that I have let them pick out the theme for their party, which has proven to be interesting, because lets face it, they each have different stuff they are interested in right now. E picked out a “Soccer Ball” party and N wants a “Pirate” party.  So this will be a Pirates playing Soccer birthday party.  I have picked up cup cake toppers for each theme, and the party favors are little treasure chests, filled with soccer & pirate goodies. All I have left to get are the table clothes and paper goods. Oh and the Pinata, which I’m thinking will end up being a soccer ball, unless I can find a pirate themed one.  I guess we’ll see soon.

The twins have a few doctors appointments coming up in the next few weeks, they go to the dentist and for the 4 year well child visit all in the same day, and then the week after that, N goes to the cardiologist, which I’m hoping will be for the last time this year, but as long as nothing has changed for the worse, then I won’t mind going back next year.  Hard to believe that next year when I schedule their well child doctors appointment and other appointments, I’ll have to try to schedule them around their school days.

Not much is going on with my step-daughter right now. Unless you call her attitude and sulking something worth writing about. I mean I love her to pieces, but she has the worst attitude ever lately, and all she seems to do is sulk.  It’s really driving me nuts.  I think a lot of it has to do with her Mother getting ready to have a baby in the next couple months. I mean she is used to us having the twins, and of course she is used to T, cause he has always been around, but I think she is having a hard time adjusting to having a younger sibling at her Mom’s. Especially having a sister, because she won’t be the baby at home any more, and she won’t be the only girl.  She will still be the only girl here tho, and she doesn’t seem to care about that.  She just knows that there are going to be some major changes taking place and she won’t be the center of attention any more.  I feel bad for her, but she needs to grow up.  She’ll love having a little sister just as much if not more than she has enjoyed having the twins around.

Our dog is driving me nuts! She turned 7 in December, and is pretty healthy. But for the past couple of weeks, she is peeing in the house at night! She has never done that! Well, not since we got her house trained when she was about 3 months old anyway. We let her out a ton at night and we have even gotten in the habit of letting her out at night if the boys wake up to use the bathroom.  One of us will get up and go down to let the dog out, but it doesn’t matter.  She will still Pee in the house! To me there is nothing worse than the smell of dog pee! There isn’t anything wrong with her medically either, she is just mad about something.  And if I could figure it out I would change the problem, but nothing has changed in our lives. I keep waiting to notice something different that could be effecting her, but I can’t come up with anything.

My sister and I are still not speaking. Its been since the end of March since we have really spoken.  And it’s not really her, its her husband that is the problem, but there’s nothing I can do about it. She did call me on the boy’s birthday to wish them a happy birthday, but I couldn’t hardly hear her on the phone because she was whispering.  She was afraid her husband would hear her talking to me and that he would be mad at her. I keep asking myself what kind of life she must be living to be afraid of her husband. I know that I wouldn’t stand in a relationship where I was afraid of my partner.  There is more to life then living in fear.  She is a strong women, and I know that some day she will see what is happening.

I think that is about it for now.  My Mom is coming up to visit this weekend and we are all excited about it.  Well the boys don’t know it yet, I’ll wait and tell them before they go to bed on Friday night.  They’ll be excited to wake “Meme” up when they get up Saturday morning.

I will update again after the boys go to their doctors appointments in a week or so! I’ll even post some pics then if I can figure out how!!


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