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So my parents are coming up this weekend to see us. I can’t wait to spend some time with my Mom. And even though she will have to leave around lunch time on Sunday we will still get to spend some time on Mother’s Day together, which I’m pretty excited about.

I told the boys the other day that they had 3 more sleeps till Meme Kathy (that’s my Mom) will be here when they get up in the morning. They were both so excited.  Lets face it, they love to spend as much time with her as they can, and when she is here that is who they want. They don’t want anything to do with me or my husband, which is a nice break for us!

When I told them just 3 more sleeps, Nathan looked at me with a tear in his eye and said “how many seeps till we see Meme Nore? (my mother in law’s name is Lenore and this what the boys call her) All I could say to him was “I’m not sure baby, but I’m sure you’ll see here again soon.”  I think I have said before on here that Jason’s parents live right here in town, but they hardly ever stop by.  It drives both of us nuts.

Chances are pretty good that because my in-laws know that my parents will be here this weekend then they will stop in and get frustrated when the boys don’t go to them. They will actually ignore them if they do come by, because its their time with Meme Kathy. I feel bad when that happens, but honestly, they could stop in a little bit more.  They both go right by our house every day, yet they never stop in.  They get to see the step kids twice a week right now, because my step son has two baseball games a week.  And they wouldn’t miss out on the chance to watch a game. And I think its great that they want to go to all of the games, and if it weren’t for those games, then they wouldn’t see the step kids either.

My problem lies with the fact that every time I see my in-laws or talk to them on the phone I have to bite my tongue, because I want to yell at them “your missing out on seeing the kids grow up” or “do our kids matter to you?” the step kids are old enough to see that they never see them, and it bothers them, but they don’t say anything about it.  Now the boys are of the age where they speak their mind.  When my in-laws do stop by, it’s usually for about 10 minutes and then they have to leave. The boys will both look at them and say things like “can’t you stay longer” or “how come you don’t visit me more?” It breaks my heart.  Especially knowing that my own mother lives 4 hours away from us, and my kids know my mother better than they do either of my in-laws, who live about 10 minutes away.

It doesn’t do my husband or I any good to say anything to them, because lets face it. It’s just causes a big fight with them. It makes them stop by three or four times in a ten-day period and then it goes back to what it once was. If my husband does say anything we usually get the old excuse of “well you guys put the boys to bed so early” or “we just don’t have time to stop in” and once in a while “on we’ll stop in soon.”

My in-laws didn’t even see my husband on his birthday. Ever since i moved in with my husband back in 2004, I have always made him a birthday cake for his birthday.  I haven’t missed a year, and they know that. Well this year, Jason’s birthday fell on a Saturday.  Happened to be a weekend we had the step kids, so it was a great birthday for him. Only thing was he had to take my step son to baseball practice, but he didn’t mind since he enjoys going to help out with the team when he can. Well about 2 hours before he had to leave my mother in law called me and said “Hi, we are going to buy a cake and get some ice cream so we can stop by and have cake and ice cream around 5 with Jason and the kids” I told them “well you can stop by if you would like, but we are getting ready for cake and ice cream now, which we already have, you don’t have to buy it, because Jason has to take Tyler to practice for 5:30.” They never stopped by, but did drop a card off for Jason the next day. His mother never even called him or text him on his birthday.  I mean, I couldn’t imagine not calling my son’s on their birthday.

I have gone on long enough about this I guess. My point is that I wish they were more involved with our children.  I know that when the boys are old enough to play sports, they won’t miss out on a game but until then, they are missing out on some great kids! kids that are getting old enough to realize that their grandparents who live 10 minutes away never stop in to see them.


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  1. Wow that is strange, hmmm

  2. it really does leave us in a hard spot, we want to say something but its not worth the fight, someday they will realize what they are missing out on!

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