They have changed so much!   2 comments

So over the past few months as the twins 4th birthday got closer I have noticed that they are changing.  Most of these changes are for the better, but with the attitudes that they have some how gained since they turned 4, they aren’t all good changes.

Ethan seems so much more grown up to me now.  He knows the words to almost all of the songs we sign, loves to help me in the kitchen when I am cooking and he even know how to fold some of the laundry! Before I know it they will be going off to college and I’ll wonder where the past 18 years have gone. He is sleeping a lot better at night now, and suddenly even though he only weights about 36/37 pounds, he has the height of a 5-year-old! He is very busy, never slows down at all, or I don’t think he does anyway. He can write his name and he is constantly making us cards. He thinks every day should be a birthday or mother’s day, which is fine with me until he asks for cake and ice cream every night after supper, and then gets up set with me when I tell him we don’t have any. He is even playing with big boy toys now.  Gone are the days of the wooden puzzles that are just shapes and animals, he has moved on to 48 piece puzzles, and he does NOT want any help putting them together. He absolutely loves playing with legos and of course all the transformers and power rangers he can find. Especially if they are his step brothers that he knows he should be playing with. He is def. still a Momma’s boy. Although he is starting to lean a little more towards Daddy, but when something is wrong or he needs something, all he wants is me!

Nathan is also so much more grown up to me now. He doesn’t sign all the songs like his brother does, he is more of a listener when it comes to music, but when he gets something watch out, he doesn’t let anyone tell him different.  His personality has changed so much in the past few months.  He also loves to do the laundry with me, and he especially loves to help me cook, even more than Ethan. His favorite toys are all his brother’s toys.  He loves all the transformers and power rangers, and anything pirate related.  He has always been my “thinker” which i love.  He still loves to cuddle with his Momma, but only if his Daddy isn’t home.  He is still very much a Daddy’s boy, and I’m OK with that.  I love seeing the bond that he has with my husband, its like nothing I have ever seen before.  It’s a different bond then he has with any of the other kids. I’m not sure if its cause he is Daddy’s baby or what, but they def. have a connection like no other.

Up until recently when I looked at my boys I still saw them as these little tiny babies that were born way too soon! There are times that I look at them and I see them still laying in their isoletes fighting for their lives, and then there are times like today where they are playing with the transformers that they got for their birthday and getting along so nicely that I see them as 4 year olds, who look so grown up to me! I wish that time could slow down just a little bit. I’m not ready for my babies to grow up!


Posted May 15, 2012 by mytwotornados in Ethan, Me, Nathan

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  1. My twins are about to turn four as well. And I was just looking back at some of their baby pictures thinking how fast it has all gone by. At least they’re not three anymore… that is not my favorite age!

  2. 3 is def. not my favorite age either, I didn’t like it at all!! I will warn you tho, 4 is kinda tough as well!!

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