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So back in May, the boys went to their 4 year well child visit. First off, let me just say I can’t believe they are 4! Where has the time gone.  Seems like just yesterday I was spending the summer at my Mom’s house and driving to the hospital to visit my babies in the NICU 4 times a day.  I honestly can’t believe they are 4 already.

Anyway, when we went to their appointment I finally got to see how much of a difference there was with them.  Ethan is 36.6 pounds and 3 ft. 3.75 inches tall! He’s in the 15% on the growth chart, which is nothing new for him, he has always been on the lower curve, and there have never been any big changes.  Nathan was 55 pounds and 3 ft. 8 inches tall!! Holy cow! He is in the 100% on the growth chart and that’s where he has been for over 2 years! He is also following the same curve on the chart that he always has, although, his height did go up at a little sharper of a curve this year.  Over all, 4 shots later they are both happy and healthy little boys.  Good news for them is that they don’t need any more shots, other than flu shots till they are 11!! Which makes this Mama very happy.  I do have a hard time believe they are so big tho, I mean hard to believe they started out at 2 lb, 13.75 inches and 2 lbs 2 oz and 15 inches.  I just can’t get over it, or maybe I don’t want to see them growing up so quickly…

Last week I took Nathan to the cardiologist.  This is the only specialist we have left, as a result of them being born at 26 weeks & 5 days.  Not bad, or at least I don’t think its all that bad.  Anyway, Nathan went and had his echo done, and turns out he doesn’t have to go back until he is 7! His problem was/is that one of the veins in the upper chambers of his heart was larger than it should have been when he was born.  It started out measuring at a 9.7 (not sure which measurement they use, but I think its millimeters.) Every year when we have gone it has gotten smaller, or most likely stayed the same size but his heart and body is growing so it is measuring the right way, but I’m not sure.  This year he is at a 5.2 so we are getting released for 3 years! I was so proud of him.  So glad it has been nothing to worry about over the years.  Its one of those things that the doctor has said all along that if he hadn’t been born at 26 weeks 5 days and been a preemie, we might have never known about it.

Yesterday we went to the dentist for the first time.  I know, I’m slacking in this department, but we finally went.  They both have all of their baby teeth, and shouldn’t get any more teeth until they are around the age of 6, which will be their first adult teeth that they get.  And she said that by the time they start getting their adult teeth in the back, that their baby teeth will start feeling wiggly.  I can’t believe that she mentioned wiggly teeth to us.  They still seem so little to me.  They both did great in the chair tho, never cried or fussed.  The dentist made it a game for them! Needless to say, they can’t wait to go back, which will be good, since they are both going back in a couple of weeks to get a cavity filled.

I think that’s about it for doctor updates that I have.  Now we are off to enjoy our last summer before they are official school kids…and again, where has the time gone?!?!


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