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So I don’t usually do a post like this, but I think its time for it.

In 18 days we are supposed to be moved out of our current rental house, and into another rental.  That wouldn’t be a problem, except we have NO idea where we are going.  We live in such a small town, that there aren’t a lot of rentals.  We have a couple of potential places that are in the works, so we are hoping to hear something soon.

In 21 days, my boys will start school! I have mixed emotions about them going to school.  I am happy that they are going, it’s going to be good for them, but at the same time, I am going to be lonely at home without them. And I know how selfish that sounds, but its the truth.  The boys went to Vacation Bible School for a week, and it was just three hours every afternoon, but I’ll tell you, I didn’t want to be home without them.  The house is just too quiet and I don’t like it.  I can’t get a job until they are in full day kindergarten, so this could be a long year for me.  But I will say, hopefully it will give me a chance to get caught up on somethings around the house (once we get settled into a new house) and for once maybe I’ll actually have my housework done for a change. Or that will be my goal anyway, to get my housework & errands done while the boys are at school in the mornings, then I can just enjoy my afternoons with them after school.

In 2 days, my boys will have been home from the hospital for 4 years! Let me tell you that after spending 108 days in the hospital, I never thought the day would come that I would ever get them home.  We were lucky in the way that they never got re-admitted to the hospital, and for the most part have been pretty healthy ever since they came home.  Seems like Wednesday will be an appropriate day to have some cake.  we always celebrate the 15th of August, and only for that reason.  Our whole life changed on that day, it was up to us to keep things going with the boys, there were no more nurses at our disposal to help us take care of them.

Also in 2 days, I’m going school shopping for the first time.  I have been picking up a few things here and there all summer. We ordered the boys back packs on-line and have gotten their school supplies already, so all I have left to get are clothes. Which I have also been picking up a few things, but I need to get them some more pants and a nice pair of sneakers for each of them.  I think it will be fun to get the shopping done. And also, I’m going with a few girlfriends, so it will be a fun girls day, complete with lunch and pedicures!! I can’t wait!

10 boat payments is all we have left on my husbands lobster boat! I know 10 payments doesn’t seem like a lot for some people, but those 10 payments are actually split up into 5 payments a year so that mean in 2 years, we’ll be house shopping!! I can’t wait to finally have my own place.

Oh and you know what really stinks? Oh the price of lobster that my husband is catching…Our boat price is $1.90/pound.  And it really stinks when you go to the grocery store and see the same exact lobster that my husband is catching is for sale for over $4/pound.  Tell me who’s making the money there, cause it certainly isn’t the lobster fishermen.  They have to go out and pay for bait, fuel and they pay their crew and let me tell you it’s certainly hard when the price is down so low!


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