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OK so with it being winter the list is going to be endless….

First off, we have been going to a bunch of high school basketball games, mostly girls games because our niece is a sophomore and we love to watch her play. But once in a while the girls games are followed by boys games. That always makes for an interesting day. You see, when we take the boys to games, I pack a bag full of toys, snacks and drinks.  And when the boys are there, they are usually well behaved. Minus the many trips to the bathroom, they sit there and play with their toys an watch some of the game. You see, the thing that drives me crazy about this, is that there are other little kids there, that will see the boys and come over to play with them. I don’t mind that so much as I mind that the kids won’t let my boys play with their toys. They get mad at me when i tell them that they can’t take toys from the boys, because they are theirs.  They are welcomed to play with them, and i always have extra toys so there are plenty, but it never seems to cut it. They always want the same toys that the boys have, and I just don’t know what to do.

The next thing that drives me crazy is when we get our visitation changed last minute with the old kids. Yes, I understand sometimes things come up, but come on! We haven’t seen the kids in 2 weeks. i understand the first week, it was because the boys both had a touch of the flu and we didn’t want to share our germs, but at the same time Jason could have take the kids to his parents house for a few hours.  It wouldn’t have been ideal, but it would have been better then not seeing them.  This week, Jason didn’t feel that great for our first visit, but the next day he was fine and could have had the kids, but his ex didn’t want them to come.  It just drives me crazy to see my husband so upset because he can’t see his kids! It just isn’t right!

Snow days or school delays are next on my list. You see, this week our school switched the Pre-K kids from mornings to afternoons or afternoons to mornings.  When there is a school delay, there is no morning pre-k. So the last time this happened, it wasn’t a big deal, because we were afternoon kids so we still had school. Now that we switched to mornings, we lost out on another day of school. You see I wouldn’t care so much, if we hadn’t missed so many other days of school. Any day so far that there has been an early release day, there hasn’t been afternoon pre-k. I get it, it makes sense, because they wouldn’t go to school until 11:30 and would have gotten out at 12:30. But if you add up all the early release days/snow days and school delay days now, by the time the end of the year comes the boys group will probably be missing about 8-10 days that the other group hasn’t missed.  I just don’t think it is very fair to the kids missing out on all of these days.

It really drives me crazy that we can’t file our taxes yet also. We are usually the ones that file right away. So it seems so strange not to have filed yet. But we will file sometime the first of Feb. and hopefully it won’t take to long to get them back this year! I have some big plans for that money this year!

hope you all have a great weekend!


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