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Let me start of my rant by saying that the one thing that I learned that has stuck in my head to most about our whole NICU experience, was that I am the best advocate for my kids. They aren’t always going to be able to stick up for themselves, and some of the things that upset me won’t be the same that up set them. So I need to stick up for them.

In this case, its my kids whole Pre-K class that I feel needs me to stick up for them. I have talked with other Mom’s but it seems as though, I am the only parent who isn’t afraid to go into the office and complain. We had a very tricky head lice issue a few weeks ago at the school, and another couple moms and I complained and we didn’t really get very far with it. Yes, we got our point across, but I think that the reaction we got from the office staff wasn’t what it could have been.

Anyway, so here is my new issue. When they decided to break the Pre-K class into two different sessions, mornings & afternoons they didn’t do it very fairly.  They pretty much grouped them together by picking out the more advanced ones and put them in one session, and the rest of the normal kids were grouped together. My problem with this is that first off, the “more advanced” group has some kids that were put in it, just because their parents are friends so they wanted their kids to be put together in school. Which in a way I understand, but they are all going to be together in Kindergarten next year so why break them up that way this year, just to make it harder for the teacher next year, trying to work them all together.

My twins started the year off in the afternoon group, which is the normal/challenged group. I was fine with that, and I still am, however, its the label I am not so ok with. Especially since the morning group at the time were the “advanced group.” Half way threw the school year, they switched the groups around so the afternoon kids went in the morning and the morning kids in the afternoon.  The first few weeks were awful, mostly because one of my twins is a sleeper. I would have to wake him up on days around 9 so he could get up and have breakfast and lunch before I took them to school for 11:30. Switching us to the morning group meant that I started putting the twins to bed at 6:15, just so I could wake them both up earlier, around 6:30 so they could get up and woken up and ready for school to ride the bus at 7:20. But they adjusted fine, and now most days they are up on their own and that makes it easier. Typically one or two days a week I will let them rest in till around 7, and then I take them up to school so they are there by 8 when it starts.

Ever since we have started school, the group the boys are in, has missed many things at school. Things that shouldn’t be missed, just because their the morning/afternoon group. Our town does a big Veteran’s day assembly at the high school, and all the school kids go. Well at the time my boys group was afternoon, so they didn’t get to go. They weren’t even invited to attend with their parents there. The fire truck came to school so the kids could learn about fire safety, and the only reason the boys class saw it was because one of the parents in the room is a volunteer firemen, so he suggested they bring the truck back so that the rest of the Pre-K kids could have a turn. Things slowed down for a while after that, and everything was fine. Fast forward to the switch to mornings and now things are scheduled for the afternoon group. Maybe now would be a good time to tell you all that the principal’s son is in Pre-K this year, and he goes in the “more advanced” group. The group that hasn’t missed anything all year. Instead of having a valentine’s day party this year, the whole school went on a field trip. They had both groups of Pre-K kids attend, and they went for the whole day. The kids did great together. Fast forward to a week ago and things got a little out of control.

On Monday, the school had arranged for all the kids to go on a field trip to the town library, this was for our schools Literacy Week. I thought it was great, until we got a letter home saying that the field trip was in the afternoon, and the only way the morning Pre-K kids got to go was if their parents drove them, and stayed with them at the field trip. So about 6 of the kids went, that’s only half the class. That same week of school on Thursday, there was an author coming to the school to talk to the kids and to give them each an autographed copy of his newest book. The boys were so excited!! Then again we get a letter home that said that the Pre-K time with the Author would be in the afternoon, so if we wanted our children to attend, then we needed to bring them back to school and stay with them for the hour that they would be there. So that was two times in one week that unless the parents were willing to bring the kids themselves and stay with them, that they would miss out on the activities. Now the library we had 6 kids go from our group, know how many showed up for the Author? Only 2…My two.

That same week at school on Friday, there was a story teller coming to school. And our group was so excited, because for the first time, it was scheduled during our school time! I was so excited for the boys because I wouldn’t have to explain to them why I had to take them and why they couldn’t stay at school afterwords. Then we find out that the afternoon kids would also all be in attendance that morning, as they switched the afternoon kids to morning kids that day, so the Teacher had all 20 of the Pre-K kids at the same time. Which I thought that was great. But then it hit me. The school schedules all of these things so that the “advanced group” could be there for them, and the one time things were scheduled differently, they let the kids come in the morning instead of having their parents bring them in. IT WASN’T FAIR!! Sorry for the capitals but that’s how I feel.

Now coming up on the 15th of this month, there is another field trip, and it is to go to a school the next town over to see Dino Man. I guess he brings a bunch of stuff on dinosaurs and sets up displays and talks to the kids. Now while I realize that the other school is the one that scheduled this and its nice of them to invite our school. My problem is that the only way that my kids get to go, is if I once again change my afternoon plans and take them myself. i would think that since the school was so willing to change something so the afternoon kids didn’t get to miss it, that they could extend the same kind of courtesy to the rest of us, but they won’t. They claim that because they have given the parents enough notice that they should be able to bring them, but at the same time, when they changed the time of the afternoon group so they didn’t miss the story teller they never asked the parents to come.

I guess what I am saying is that the school is playing favorites by changing the time for one group and letting them all attend something, but they won’t let the morning kids go in the afternoon that day just so they don’t miss out on something. Seems as though just because the principal’s son is in the other group, they don’t miss anything. 

I will add that I won’t make my kids miss out on the field trip, just because I have to go. I will change the plans I had made for us for that afternoon so that we can go see Dino Man. But I know very well that of the 11 kids in their class, there might be 4 kids that get to attend it, because the other parents have other children that would have to attend as well and they were not invited.

I just don’t know what I should do. I plan to go talk to the principal about it this morning when I pick the boys up from school. I just think that she maybe doesn’t realize that the rest of us parents see that her son’s group gets special treatment. Wish me luck friends, I have a feeling I am going to need it!


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