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So back on the first of May, my babies turned 5…You see the only place I can get away with calling them my babies still is right here on my blog, where they can’t see or hear it! Some people might find this a little strange, but I don’t. You see when you are given a 50% chance on bringing 1 of your children home after childbirth, I think you get the write to call them your babies as long as you want.

It seems like just yesterday that I was on a helicopter being transported to a hospital with a NICU that could assist with the delivery of our boys. I was only 26 weeks 5 days when they decided to make their grand appearance.  And grand it was. By ultra sound the boys were both measuring right around 1 pound each, which for twins at that gestation was accurate. Thankfully, they were 2 pounds and 2 pounds 2 ounces each! Sometimes I wonder if they had been smaller if they would have had such a great chance at survival.

Right before my emergency c-section, the doctor that delivered them, shook my husbands hand and told us both that our odds were not very good. But once he delivered them and discovered that the ultra sound was a little off, he changed his mind and told us that our changes of bringing them both home was a little better, but we def. were not out of the woods. It was a very long road, with many ups and downs along the way. They were in the NICU for 99 long days! Then they moved to pediatrics in the same hospital for another 9 days after that. 108 days if your counting! We only came home when we did because we agreed to bring them both home on oxygen and heart/lung monitors.  When they first gave us that option, to bring them home with the equipment we never thought twice about it. We both asked them when we could come home!

Would now be a good time to mention that we were at a hospital that was about 3.5 hours away from home for us? We were lucky to be at that hospital, not only because its one of the best in the whole state we live in (Maine) but it is in the town next to where my parents live! I was literally at my home away from home when I wasn’t at the hospital with my boys. My husband did a lot of driving back and fourth between home for work and back to the hospital to see the boys.

So my long drawn out post is basically to say that sometimes when you are give a worst case scenario, it isn’t always as bad as it seems. I am not 100% sure on what the boys weight now, but if I had to guess I would say Nathan is about 58 pounds and 48 inches tall (he started out at 2lbs 2oz 15 inches) and Ethan is about 40 pounds and maybe 45 inches tall (he started out at 2lb and 13 3/4 inches.) i will know for sure tomorrow, when we go to the Pediatrician for our 5 year well child visit!


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