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So on the boys 5th birthday, they had their very first t-ball game! And let me just tell you how adorable it was! There are 9 kids on their team, and they all try their hardest every time! Not to mention how cute they all look out there when they are up to bat!

Both of the boys have improved greatly since the first game, makes me sad that they only have 3 games left this season. But I am sure that they will keep us busy with other activities. I know that in August, they will be playing youth soccer, and then when school starts back up in September, they will be running cross country if they want to.

I was not a very athletic person growing up. I was actually in the band in school. My husband played Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and ran Cross Country too. So it is pretty clear to me where they get their athletic abilities from! I just wish that their Dad was around more to help them out with practicing and stuff. And games. It would be nice to have someone to go with me to some of their games. You see, my step son is 12, and this is his very last year of little league. The twins’ games and my step sons games fall on a lot of the same nights. T-ball is every Tuesday night and Saturday mornings, baseball is every Tuesday & Thursday nights. So my husband tries to go to the boys Saturday games, but lately that hasn’t worked out to good, and he has had to go to work instead! I’m glad that the boys don’t seem to mind he isn’t there, it just makes me a little sad to think that they are old enough to realize now that Daddy isn’t there. I just keep reminding myself that next year will be different!


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