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So I have been meaning to sit down and write this post for quite some time now. I want to remember all of these little gems so that when they are driving me nuts as teenagers I can look back and remember just how cute they were at one time!

So I think its best if I do this with bullets 🙂

  • Nathan calls the orange road construction cones “pine cones.” We were running errands today and went thru road construction and he said to me “look Mama, they have the pine cones out again.”
  • Ethan and Nathan both refer to our vehicle service center as the “bagrage.”
  • Both of the boys love going to “Malmart” which we would all call Wal-Mart. It may in fact be their favorite place to go.
  • Since we got the boys kittens when school started last fall, they have happily sat and watched me change the “kitty glitter” every morning…They can both say litter, but still they call it “kitty glitter.”
  • My step daughter ran cross-country last fall when school started. The boys both call it “crunch crunchry.”

I guess that’s all I have for right now, but let me mention that as I remember more, or hear them say other cute things, I will be sure to come back and add to it!


Posted May 22, 2013 by mytwotornados in Ethan, Nathan

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