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So on the boys 5th birthday, they had their very first t-ball game! And let me just tell you how adorable it was! There are 9 kids on their team, and they all try their hardest every time! Not to mention how cute they all look out there when they are up to bat!

Both of the boys have improved greatly since the first game, makes me sad that they only have 3 games left this season. But I am sure that they will keep us busy with other activities. I know that in August, they will be playing youth soccer, and then when school starts back up in September, they will be running cross country if they want to.

I was not a very athletic person growing up. I was actually in the band in school. My husband played Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and ran Cross Country too. So it is pretty clear to me where they get their athletic abilities from! I just wish that their Dad was around more to help them out with practicing and stuff. And games. It would be nice to have someone to go with me to some of their games. You see, my step son is 12, and this is his very last year of little league. The twins’ games and my step sons games fall on a lot of the same nights. T-ball is every Tuesday night and Saturday mornings, baseball is every Tuesday & Thursday nights. So my husband tries to go to the boys Saturday games, but lately that hasn’t worked out to good, and he has had to go to work instead! I’m glad that the boys don’t seem to mind he isn’t there, it just makes me a little sad to think that they are old enough to realize now that Daddy isn’t there. I just keep reminding myself that next year will be different!


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So the weekend after the boys turned 5, we had their birthday party! They picked on theme this year, thank goodness, and I made them stick with it. This years theme was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to find some really great party ideas!

The one hard thing about TMNT is that you can’t get a lot of party favors just yet, so I had to rely on my creativity to get me thru. Luckily I was feeling pretty creative. I ordered a TMNT sucker mold off eBay and made suckers in each of the 4 turtles colors (red, blue, orange & purple.) The boys and all of their little friends loved them! I should give a shout out to my Nana and my great Aunt for all the inspiration, growing up they were always making us chocolate suckers. So that’s how I new how to do it! It was a lot of fun too! I also made felt eye masks for all the kids. I think I made a total of 25 eye masks. And again, I made them in all of the turtle colors. I also made rice crispy treats and cut them into squares. Then i took some of my left over colored chocolate and drizzled them with the melted chocolate and put sprinkles on them all.

It was a lot of work getting everything ready for their party, but I would do it again. I like going all out for them, especially since we came so close to not having them….Maybe some day when they are older I won’t look at it that way, but for now, its still such a fresh memory that it tends to creep back out around their birthday!

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So back on the first of May, my babies turned 5…You see the only place I can get away with calling them my babies still is right here on my blog, where they can’t see or hear it! Some people might find this a little strange, but I don’t. You see when you are given a 50% chance on bringing 1 of your children home after childbirth, I think you get the write to call them your babies as long as you want.

It seems like just yesterday that I was on a helicopter being transported to a hospital with a NICU that could assist with the delivery of our boys. I was only 26 weeks 5 days when they decided to make their grand appearance.  And grand it was. By ultra sound the boys were both measuring right around 1 pound each, which for twins at that gestation was accurate. Thankfully, they were 2 pounds and 2 pounds 2 ounces each! Sometimes I wonder if they had been smaller if they would have had such a great chance at survival.

Right before my emergency c-section, the doctor that delivered them, shook my husbands hand and told us both that our odds were not very good. But once he delivered them and discovered that the ultra sound was a little off, he changed his mind and told us that our changes of bringing them both home was a little better, but we def. were not out of the woods. It was a very long road, with many ups and downs along the way. They were in the NICU for 99 long days! Then they moved to pediatrics in the same hospital for another 9 days after that. 108 days if your counting! We only came home when we did because we agreed to bring them both home on oxygen and heart/lung monitors.  When they first gave us that option, to bring them home with the equipment we never thought twice about it. We both asked them when we could come home!

Would now be a good time to mention that we were at a hospital that was about 3.5 hours away from home for us? We were lucky to be at that hospital, not only because its one of the best in the whole state we live in (Maine) but it is in the town next to where my parents live! I was literally at my home away from home when I wasn’t at the hospital with my boys. My husband did a lot of driving back and fourth between home for work and back to the hospital to see the boys.

So my long drawn out post is basically to say that sometimes when you are give a worst case scenario, it isn’t always as bad as it seems. I am not 100% sure on what the boys weight now, but if I had to guess I would say Nathan is about 58 pounds and 48 inches tall (he started out at 2lbs 2oz 15 inches) and Ethan is about 40 pounds and maybe 45 inches tall (he started out at 2lb and 13 3/4 inches.) i will know for sure tomorrow, when we go to the Pediatrician for our 5 year well child visit!

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Let me start of my rant by saying that the one thing that I learned that has stuck in my head to most about our whole NICU experience, was that I am the best advocate for my kids. They aren’t always going to be able to stick up for themselves, and some of the things that upset me won’t be the same that up set them. So I need to stick up for them.

In this case, its my kids whole Pre-K class that I feel needs me to stick up for them. I have talked with other Mom’s but it seems as though, I am the only parent who isn’t afraid to go into the office and complain. We had a very tricky head lice issue a few weeks ago at the school, and another couple moms and I complained and we didn’t really get very far with it. Yes, we got our point across, but I think that the reaction we got from the office staff wasn’t what it could have been.

Anyway, so here is my new issue. When they decided to break the Pre-K class into two different sessions, mornings & afternoons they didn’t do it very fairly.  They pretty much grouped them together by picking out the more advanced ones and put them in one session, and the rest of the normal kids were grouped together. My problem with this is that first off, the “more advanced” group has some kids that were put in it, just because their parents are friends so they wanted their kids to be put together in school. Which in a way I understand, but they are all going to be together in Kindergarten next year so why break them up that way this year, just to make it harder for the teacher next year, trying to work them all together.

My twins started the year off in the afternoon group, which is the normal/challenged group. I was fine with that, and I still am, however, its the label I am not so ok with. Especially since the morning group at the time were the “advanced group.” Half way threw the school year, they switched the groups around so the afternoon kids went in the morning and the morning kids in the afternoon.  The first few weeks were awful, mostly because one of my twins is a sleeper. I would have to wake him up on days around 9 so he could get up and have breakfast and lunch before I took them to school for 11:30. Switching us to the morning group meant that I started putting the twins to bed at 6:15, just so I could wake them both up earlier, around 6:30 so they could get up and woken up and ready for school to ride the bus at 7:20. But they adjusted fine, and now most days they are up on their own and that makes it easier. Typically one or two days a week I will let them rest in till around 7, and then I take them up to school so they are there by 8 when it starts.

Ever since we have started school, the group the boys are in, has missed many things at school. Things that shouldn’t be missed, just because their the morning/afternoon group. Our town does a big Veteran’s day assembly at the high school, and all the school kids go. Well at the time my boys group was afternoon, so they didn’t get to go. They weren’t even invited to attend with their parents there. The fire truck came to school so the kids could learn about fire safety, and the only reason the boys class saw it was because one of the parents in the room is a volunteer firemen, so he suggested they bring the truck back so that the rest of the Pre-K kids could have a turn. Things slowed down for a while after that, and everything was fine. Fast forward to the switch to mornings and now things are scheduled for the afternoon group. Maybe now would be a good time to tell you all that the principal’s son is in Pre-K this year, and he goes in the “more advanced” group. The group that hasn’t missed anything all year. Instead of having a valentine’s day party this year, the whole school went on a field trip. They had both groups of Pre-K kids attend, and they went for the whole day. The kids did great together. Fast forward to a week ago and things got a little out of control.

On Monday, the school had arranged for all the kids to go on a field trip to the town library, this was for our schools Literacy Week. I thought it was great, until we got a letter home saying that the field trip was in the afternoon, and the only way the morning Pre-K kids got to go was if their parents drove them, and stayed with them at the field trip. So about 6 of the kids went, that’s only half the class. That same week of school on Thursday, there was an author coming to the school to talk to the kids and to give them each an autographed copy of his newest book. The boys were so excited!! Then again we get a letter home that said that the Pre-K time with the Author would be in the afternoon, so if we wanted our children to attend, then we needed to bring them back to school and stay with them for the hour that they would be there. So that was two times in one week that unless the parents were willing to bring the kids themselves and stay with them, that they would miss out on the activities. Now the library we had 6 kids go from our group, know how many showed up for the Author? Only 2…My two.

That same week at school on Friday, there was a story teller coming to school. And our group was so excited, because for the first time, it was scheduled during our school time! I was so excited for the boys because I wouldn’t have to explain to them why I had to take them and why they couldn’t stay at school afterwords. Then we find out that the afternoon kids would also all be in attendance that morning, as they switched the afternoon kids to morning kids that day, so the Teacher had all 20 of the Pre-K kids at the same time. Which I thought that was great. But then it hit me. The school schedules all of these things so that the “advanced group” could be there for them, and the one time things were scheduled differently, they let the kids come in the morning instead of having their parents bring them in. IT WASN’T FAIR!! Sorry for the capitals but that’s how I feel.

Now coming up on the 15th of this month, there is another field trip, and it is to go to a school the next town over to see Dino Man. I guess he brings a bunch of stuff on dinosaurs and sets up displays and talks to the kids. Now while I realize that the other school is the one that scheduled this and its nice of them to invite our school. My problem is that the only way that my kids get to go, is if I once again change my afternoon plans and take them myself. i would think that since the school was so willing to change something so the afternoon kids didn’t get to miss it, that they could extend the same kind of courtesy to the rest of us, but they won’t. They claim that because they have given the parents enough notice that they should be able to bring them, but at the same time, when they changed the time of the afternoon group so they didn’t miss the story teller they never asked the parents to come.

I guess what I am saying is that the school is playing favorites by changing the time for one group and letting them all attend something, but they won’t let the morning kids go in the afternoon that day just so they don’t miss out on something. Seems as though just because the principal’s son is in the other group, they don’t miss anything. 

I will add that I won’t make my kids miss out on the field trip, just because I have to go. I will change the plans I had made for us for that afternoon so that we can go see Dino Man. But I know very well that of the 11 kids in their class, there might be 4 kids that get to attend it, because the other parents have other children that would have to attend as well and they were not invited.

I just don’t know what I should do. I plan to go talk to the principal about it this morning when I pick the boys up from school. I just think that she maybe doesn’t realize that the rest of us parents see that her son’s group gets special treatment. Wish me luck friends, I have a feeling I am going to need it!

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OK so with it being winter the list is going to be endless….

First off, we have been going to a bunch of high school basketball games, mostly girls games because our niece is a sophomore and we love to watch her play. But once in a while the girls games are followed by boys games. That always makes for an interesting day. You see, when we take the boys to games, I pack a bag full of toys, snacks and drinks.  And when the boys are there, they are usually well behaved. Minus the many trips to the bathroom, they sit there and play with their toys an watch some of the game. You see, the thing that drives me crazy about this, is that there are other little kids there, that will see the boys and come over to play with them. I don’t mind that so much as I mind that the kids won’t let my boys play with their toys. They get mad at me when i tell them that they can’t take toys from the boys, because they are theirs.  They are welcomed to play with them, and i always have extra toys so there are plenty, but it never seems to cut it. They always want the same toys that the boys have, and I just don’t know what to do.

The next thing that drives me crazy is when we get our visitation changed last minute with the old kids. Yes, I understand sometimes things come up, but come on! We haven’t seen the kids in 2 weeks. i understand the first week, it was because the boys both had a touch of the flu and we didn’t want to share our germs, but at the same time Jason could have take the kids to his parents house for a few hours.  It wouldn’t have been ideal, but it would have been better then not seeing them.  This week, Jason didn’t feel that great for our first visit, but the next day he was fine and could have had the kids, but his ex didn’t want them to come.  It just drives me crazy to see my husband so upset because he can’t see his kids! It just isn’t right!

Snow days or school delays are next on my list. You see, this week our school switched the Pre-K kids from mornings to afternoons or afternoons to mornings.  When there is a school delay, there is no morning pre-k. So the last time this happened, it wasn’t a big deal, because we were afternoon kids so we still had school. Now that we switched to mornings, we lost out on another day of school. You see I wouldn’t care so much, if we hadn’t missed so many other days of school. Any day so far that there has been an early release day, there hasn’t been afternoon pre-k. I get it, it makes sense, because they wouldn’t go to school until 11:30 and would have gotten out at 12:30. But if you add up all the early release days/snow days and school delay days now, by the time the end of the year comes the boys group will probably be missing about 8-10 days that the other group hasn’t missed.  I just don’t think it is very fair to the kids missing out on all of these days.

It really drives me crazy that we can’t file our taxes yet also. We are usually the ones that file right away. So it seems so strange not to have filed yet. But we will file sometime the first of Feb. and hopefully it won’t take to long to get them back this year! I have some big plans for that money this year!

hope you all have a great weekend!

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Visitors…   2 comments

So my parents are coming up this weekend to see us. I can’t wait to spend some time with my Mom. And even though she will have to leave around lunch time on Sunday we will still get to spend some time on Mother’s Day together, which I’m pretty excited about.

I told the boys the other day that they had 3 more sleeps till Meme Kathy (that’s my Mom) will be here when they get up in the morning. They were both so excited.  Lets face it, they love to spend as much time with her as they can, and when she is here that is who they want. They don’t want anything to do with me or my husband, which is a nice break for us!

When I told them just 3 more sleeps, Nathan looked at me with a tear in his eye and said “how many seeps till we see Meme Nore? (my mother in law’s name is Lenore and this what the boys call her) All I could say to him was “I’m not sure baby, but I’m sure you’ll see here again soon.”  I think I have said before on here that Jason’s parents live right here in town, but they hardly ever stop by.  It drives both of us nuts.

Chances are pretty good that because my in-laws know that my parents will be here this weekend then they will stop in and get frustrated when the boys don’t go to them. They will actually ignore them if they do come by, because its their time with Meme Kathy. I feel bad when that happens, but honestly, they could stop in a little bit more.  They both go right by our house every day, yet they never stop in.  They get to see the step kids twice a week right now, because my step son has two baseball games a week.  And they wouldn’t miss out on the chance to watch a game. And I think its great that they want to go to all of the games, and if it weren’t for those games, then they wouldn’t see the step kids either.

My problem lies with the fact that every time I see my in-laws or talk to them on the phone I have to bite my tongue, because I want to yell at them “your missing out on seeing the kids grow up” or “do our kids matter to you?” the step kids are old enough to see that they never see them, and it bothers them, but they don’t say anything about it.  Now the boys are of the age where they speak their mind.  When my in-laws do stop by, it’s usually for about 10 minutes and then they have to leave. The boys will both look at them and say things like “can’t you stay longer” or “how come you don’t visit me more?” It breaks my heart.  Especially knowing that my own mother lives 4 hours away from us, and my kids know my mother better than they do either of my in-laws, who live about 10 minutes away.

It doesn’t do my husband or I any good to say anything to them, because lets face it. It’s just causes a big fight with them. It makes them stop by three or four times in a ten-day period and then it goes back to what it once was. If my husband does say anything we usually get the old excuse of “well you guys put the boys to bed so early” or “we just don’t have time to stop in” and once in a while “on we’ll stop in soon.”

My in-laws didn’t even see my husband on his birthday. Ever since i moved in with my husband back in 2004, I have always made him a birthday cake for his birthday.  I haven’t missed a year, and they know that. Well this year, Jason’s birthday fell on a Saturday.  Happened to be a weekend we had the step kids, so it was a great birthday for him. Only thing was he had to take my step son to baseball practice, but he didn’t mind since he enjoys going to help out with the team when he can. Well about 2 hours before he had to leave my mother in law called me and said “Hi, we are going to buy a cake and get some ice cream so we can stop by and have cake and ice cream around 5 with Jason and the kids” I told them “well you can stop by if you would like, but we are getting ready for cake and ice cream now, which we already have, you don’t have to buy it, because Jason has to take Tyler to practice for 5:30.” They never stopped by, but did drop a card off for Jason the next day. His mother never even called him or text him on his birthday.  I mean, I couldn’t imagine not calling my son’s on their birthday.

I have gone on long enough about this I guess. My point is that I wish they were more involved with our children.  I know that when the boys are old enough to play sports, they won’t miss out on a game but until then, they are missing out on some great kids! kids that are getting old enough to realize that their grandparents who live 10 minutes away never stop in to see them.

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So a few things have happened since I posted last.

My step son’s little league season has officially started! He’s doing a great job. This is his third year playing and he just gets better every season.  This is his favorite sport, so there really is no surprise for us that he is doing so well.  His first game of the season was a loss, but they bounced right back the next day and won 16-7! He was so excited.  He played first base for the first half of the game, then got switched out to pitch the second half.  He also had a GREAT hit, which brought in a couple runs for the team. I think he scored 5 times that game!! And to top off the best game of the season so far, he got player of the game! He got to bring the game ball home! Its his first game ball, needless to say, we are very proud of how far he has come!

Also at his first game this season, he had a couple of girls from his class there to cheer him on.  I guess that’s a sign that your step-son is growing up when girls start coming around.  After the game, we asked him who the girls were and he “couldn’t remember, but they were just some girls from his class.” Well the very next day while he was on the field warming up, my husband’s phone rang, and low and behold, it was those same girls calling to tell T that they couldn’t make it to the game, but they would see him the next day at school.  It doesn’t seem possible that he already has girls calling for him, I mean he’s only 11 1/2! I still see him as this little boy who thought girls were gross! Let me just say tho, that my husband thought that was pretty cool that “the girls” had called him, I guess that was a proud Dad moment for him.

So Ethan & Nathan turned 4 years old last Tuesday on the 1st of May. First off, I can not believe that my babies are 4. It just doesn’t seem like it has been that long since I had them.  I really feel like we just brought them home from the NICU last year.  I guess that the time sure is going by so fast. We had cake and ice cream with the older kids on the Monday before, since we didn’t have them on their actual birthday.  And of course we had more cake on their birthday, we just wanted to celebrate with the older kids too.  We have a birthday party planned for them for later this month, they are pretty excited about it.  This is the first year that I have let them pick out the theme for their party, which has proven to be interesting, because lets face it, they each have different stuff they are interested in right now. E picked out a “Soccer Ball” party and N wants a “Pirate” party.  So this will be a Pirates playing Soccer birthday party.  I have picked up cup cake toppers for each theme, and the party favors are little treasure chests, filled with soccer & pirate goodies. All I have left to get are the table clothes and paper goods. Oh and the Pinata, which I’m thinking will end up being a soccer ball, unless I can find a pirate themed one.  I guess we’ll see soon.

The twins have a few doctors appointments coming up in the next few weeks, they go to the dentist and for the 4 year well child visit all in the same day, and then the week after that, N goes to the cardiologist, which I’m hoping will be for the last time this year, but as long as nothing has changed for the worse, then I won’t mind going back next year.  Hard to believe that next year when I schedule their well child doctors appointment and other appointments, I’ll have to try to schedule them around their school days.

Not much is going on with my step-daughter right now. Unless you call her attitude and sulking something worth writing about. I mean I love her to pieces, but she has the worst attitude ever lately, and all she seems to do is sulk.  It’s really driving me nuts.  I think a lot of it has to do with her Mother getting ready to have a baby in the next couple months. I mean she is used to us having the twins, and of course she is used to T, cause he has always been around, but I think she is having a hard time adjusting to having a younger sibling at her Mom’s. Especially having a sister, because she won’t be the baby at home any more, and she won’t be the only girl.  She will still be the only girl here tho, and she doesn’t seem to care about that.  She just knows that there are going to be some major changes taking place and she won’t be the center of attention any more.  I feel bad for her, but she needs to grow up.  She’ll love having a little sister just as much if not more than she has enjoyed having the twins around.

Our dog is driving me nuts! She turned 7 in December, and is pretty healthy. But for the past couple of weeks, she is peeing in the house at night! She has never done that! Well, not since we got her house trained when she was about 3 months old anyway. We let her out a ton at night and we have even gotten in the habit of letting her out at night if the boys wake up to use the bathroom.  One of us will get up and go down to let the dog out, but it doesn’t matter.  She will still Pee in the house! To me there is nothing worse than the smell of dog pee! There isn’t anything wrong with her medically either, she is just mad about something.  And if I could figure it out I would change the problem, but nothing has changed in our lives. I keep waiting to notice something different that could be effecting her, but I can’t come up with anything.

My sister and I are still not speaking. Its been since the end of March since we have really spoken.  And it’s not really her, its her husband that is the problem, but there’s nothing I can do about it. She did call me on the boy’s birthday to wish them a happy birthday, but I couldn’t hardly hear her on the phone because she was whispering.  She was afraid her husband would hear her talking to me and that he would be mad at her. I keep asking myself what kind of life she must be living to be afraid of her husband. I know that I wouldn’t stand in a relationship where I was afraid of my partner.  There is more to life then living in fear.  She is a strong women, and I know that some day she will see what is happening.

I think that is about it for now.  My Mom is coming up to visit this weekend and we are all excited about it.  Well the boys don’t know it yet, I’ll wait and tell them before they go to bed on Friday night.  They’ll be excited to wake “Meme” up when they get up Saturday morning.

I will update again after the boys go to their doctors appointments in a week or so! I’ll even post some pics then if I can figure out how!!

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